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We hold our Classes at Troy Taekwondo located at 615 Pawling Avenue, Troy, NY

Classes are  typically held on Wednesday nights at 8:00PM and Saturday Mornings at 10:30am.

Please schedule an introductory class with us before coming in. To schedule your FREE introductory class, please complete our contact form. We'd love to meet you!

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Hapkido (pronounced hap-key-doe) is a dynamic and somewhat eclectic Korean martial art. In the Korean language, hap means "harmony", "coordinated", or "joining"; ki describes internal energy, spirit, strength, or power; and do means "way" or "art". Thus, hapkido translates literally as "joining-energy-way", but it is most often referred to as "the way of coordinating energy."

Chon-Tu Kwan (Combat Hapkido) prides itself as an effective self-defense by employing joint locks, pressure points, take downs, lower body kicks, and simple strikes. Combat Hapkido is an authentic Korean martial art of total self-defense; it deals with countering the techniques of other martial arts as well as common "unskilled" attacks.

Although Traditional Hapkido contains both long-range fighting and infighting techniques, Combat Hapkido focuses on the most common situation of close quarters defense and being close to your opponent for a strike, lock, or take down. Combat Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent, and basic ground techniques. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.

Combat Hapkido differs from Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and other "sport" based martial arts in that there are no forms (or katas) to learn. There are no competitions. Combat Hapkido also does not use high kicks above the waist. Because everything you learn is useable self defense, you will find that an increase in confidence and other rewards come very quickly compared to other martial arts.


Absolutely! We have trained students of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Ages 12 to 60+! We're not trying to train you to be a professional UFC fighter. We understand that everyone has certain limitations and our system accounts for that. Students work at there own pace and the only person you compete with is yourself. If there are certain techniques that you find difficult for your body to do, then you will focus on others. While there are minimum belt requirements, none of them involve acrobatic moves that require superior flexibility, stamina, or strength.

In fact, you will find that like anything else, the more you train, the easier it will become. Our training always begins with a simple warm up of stretching and aerobic exercises. We teach you how to stretch and to avoid injury or excess strain on your body. As you improve, so will your flexibility, stamina, and skill.

You are welcome to stop by anytime during our class hours, however you will need to complete our contact form to schedule an appointment for your free class. This helps us be prepared with the right resources and individual attention you require.

Your free introductory class will start out with a brief interview with one of our instructors to answer your initial questions and help assess your own individual goals. We will then give you a tour of our training facility (Do-Jang). If there is a class in session, you will have the opportunity to watch students practice their techniques. Many jump right in and join the class right then and there. Otherwise, an instructor will demonstrate to you some of the basics and show you how simple and effective just a little knowledge of the body mechanics can be. After that, you will have the opportunity to ask more questions, talk to some of our students, and obtain references if you desire. Then the choice is up to you!

Our pricing is consistent and very competative with what you will find at many of the martial arts schools in our region. When you compare what you learn and how quickly you will learn it, the immediate confidence that comes with that is invaluable. Unlike many schools, we publish our prices so there are no surprises.

Classes are only $100 per month (8 classes per month) which includes a FREE uniform with a 3 month sign-up or only $60 per month (4 classes per month).

Semi-private self-defense lessons offered from 8:30am to 9:30am at $80 per class.

If you pay six (6) months in advance, you'll receive a 10% discount.

If you pay annually, you'll receive a 20% discount.

Current students and familiy members of Troy Taekwondo are discounted to only $60/month for 8 classes per month with a 3 month sign-up. 

We do offer seminars to local businesses and community organizations. Seminars for non-profit organizations are offered at a reduced rate. If you would like more information on organizing a seminar for your group, please contact us for more details.

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Self-Defense Training | Combat Hapkido

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We proudly hold our classes at Troy Taekwondo located at 615 Pawling Avenue, Troy, NY.

Classes are held on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm-9:30pm & Saturday Mornings at 8:00am-9:00am. Semi-private lessons offered from at $80 per class.

To schedule an introduction, please use our contact form

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