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East Greenbush NY Martial Arts InstructorsChon-Ji Defensive Arts, LLC is a charter school member of The International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF). The ICHF is an independent organization of Martial Arts Schools and Individual members established for the purpose of teaching, promoting and regulating the Combat Hapkido Self Defense system. Chon-Ji Defensive Arts is fully certified by the ICHF to teach and rank individuals in the Combat Hapkido system.Combat Hapkido

Personalized Instruction

Self-defense classes at our school are small, providing a semi-private setting. Our training will be scheduled select weeknights and Saturday mornings or afternoons with only beginner to advanced classes. We provide weapons training and a full array of disarming techniques.

Combat Hapkido School CharterOur classes are currently for students aged 12 and up only and we plan to roll out youth self-defense program, title "Chung So Nyun Hapkido" (Youth Hapkido) for kids age 5 through 12. Our school is perfect for the student who finds time is of the essence. Classes are designed for the busy professional who has a desire to learn the most effective self-defensive system available. Flashy acrobatic martial arts is not a part of our curriculum; practical street smart self-defense is the focus.

No Long-Term Contracts

There are no long-term contracts to sign, and fees are paid monthly. There are discount plans for multi-month prepayments. Please contact us to set up a special introductory 2-week trial where we allow potential students to participate in classes.

Chon-Ji Defensive Arts fosters open minded martial arts instructors who are serious about their technical development. We seek to help individuals evolve to a new level of self-defense understanding and protection.

How Can Our Programs Benefit You?

  • Improve your skills and advance your knowledge with an effective, comprehensive and practical system of scientific self-defense.
  • Learn real-life, effective street smart protection and defensive techniques.
  • Receive prestigious world-recognized certifications.
  • Belong to a dynamic, friendly and internationally respected organization.

Combat Hapkido is the result of over 40 years of martial arts / self-defense study, research, application and synthesis.

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Master Robert Clancy

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Master Lou Defelippo

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